FruStrik sells knit from
AnneMaachDesign and
Garnstudio.Entirely hand-
crafted in a new design
according to latest trends,
but also more traditional 
knitwear in Nordic style.
Al knit on these pages 
are knitted by FruStrik 
and always in the best
natural materials.

I also sell my Knit through
Etsy and Trendsales , where
you can see other models,
other colors and buyer ratings.
When purchasing through my 
shop and payment via bank
you can however save 
purchasing fee.

AnneMaachDesign is a 
section of my many models .

Sarah Lund sweater - handknitted in Icelandic wool in dark brown base with white stars

For forenigers: My sweaters and cardigans are also for sale at the international:, where you are able to use your creditcard!

This translation to English is still under construction. But for the moment you can order a couple of sweaters and you can see the shippingcosts abroad. Also it is possible to order all the items in the Danish site - simply use the Danish Web site - put your items in the basket - put a cross in the correct shipping country and you will see the total price in DDK, but PayPal will see to, that it will be changed to your local currency.

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