FruStrik sells handmade Knit  - all knitted from the best natural materials - pure wool from Iceland and Faroe Island, pure cotton, alpaca and mohair from Drops and Sandnes yarn. I knit new designs according to latest trends - my own as well as from other Designers, but also more traditional Nordic-style knitwear. All models for sale are knitted by FruStrik herself.

Shippingtime: Finished models (look up the danish edition of the webside) 3-5 business days. Made to order models: 2-3 weeks !

Buy directly at FruStrik. Buyer`s Guide:

I`am sorry, but the most of my webshop is only in danish. But don`t hesitate, just order under the danish section.

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choose: gå til kassen (go to checkout)

put in your name, adress and comments and mark: Jeg accepterer følgende betingelser ( I accept the following conditions )

choose: gå til valg af forsendelse (go to chipping selection)

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As a foreigner you can only pay with PayPal. When payment image appears choose "betal med betalingskort" (pay with your creditcard) and it`s now possible to pay. It is important to finally click on FruStrik, (as you are asked to)). Then You will receive an receipt sent to your e-mail, which tells what you have ordered and when the shippingtime will be.

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Anne Maach Schrøder


Sarah Lund Jumper in traditional colors

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